"There was just so much that reflected me. I tried to find something (anything) that I can say is not me or that's inaccurate. I haven't found anything."  D.B.


“This analysis was amazingly spot on.  There is so much there. Reading it felt like I was getting a good, deep look at myself.” C.L.


"Do you have a crew of hidden cameras in my life (and in my head) to be able to read me so well?! It's freaky how much you were able to get from the handwriting analysis. Amazing and spot-on." M. B.

"I'm blown away by it. It was simply incredible. I don't recommend anything unless it's top notch, but...I highly recommend getting one of these done."  Kristin Fontana, Guiding Stars radio show.














WATCH. Cash talks about his gift for intuitive handwriting analysis, along with some of the people who have found the process uniquely helpful.

What clients are saying about their handwriting analysis.

More testimonials

"You are an amazing man, Cash Peters!! I am astounded at how well you know me.” K.K.


'WOW OH WOW! THANK YOU! Every single word you expressed hit the nail on the head. Many of the things stated are so true, even if I had never expressed them or acknowledged them to myself. I now have to rethink some things.' T.N.

​“I want to thank you for opening my mind, my heart, and my whole being. You knew the whole me better than I ever knew myself. There is no dollar amount that can measure the value of what you have given me." K.B.

"Wow, this is impressive. You really nailed me - though it's a little disconcerting to see it spelled out so succinctly in black and white. It's given me lots to ponder." D.V.

"One of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had. How someone who has never met me, never read my work, never known one thing about me, could see so clearly into my mind and heart was fascinating." L.W.



"I was so deeply moved at how clearly you channelled the essence of who I am, both externally as well as internally." P.V.  

“First read through.......WOW. I am going to have a cup of tea and re-read this slowly.  Cash, you are amazing.  I have a lot to think about.  Thank you." M.H.

"I laughed, teared up, and am in awe. Yes, I am all of what you saw. Spirit is pushing me out of my comfort zone and has used you in this process. Thank you." N.C.

"Brilliant analysis. Amazingly accurate. It has many insights that will take me a little while to assimilate. Thanks." P.R.
"Amazing how you were able to articulate so succinctly my state of being." A.H.

"Incredible :). This analysis is ridiculously accurate it's almost scary. This is definitely the insight I've been needing .I now am realizing what's been holding me back all these years." E.G.

"Dead on.  Thank you so much. I was choking back tears." P.G.

"What you expressed is so deep that I will need to re-read it several times for your analysis truly to take root. You have expressed what I have long sought to express, but I never could."  M.W.

"My report felt like a love letter from someone who knows me very well and who cares. I have read it several times and cried." D.W.

"It feels kind of like having years of psychotherapy condensed into one document!  The depth of what the handwriting reveals is incredible." J.H.

"Holy #%&@!! Breathtaking. Truly a gift from God and a blessing to us all." D.B.

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