How to take part

in the channeled transition picture experiment

What are transition pictures?

If you've watched Cash's videos on YouTube, you'll already be familiar with his apparent ability to access human consciousness after death but prior to the person entering the light, and how he has been running sample tests for the past year as part of a communal experiment.

One conclusion he's been able to draw from the experiment so far is that there are probably several stages to the dying process: 

First comes the physical death of the body, after the heart stops beating.


Next, the brain closes down. It's during this phase that people tend to experience lights, or 'see their life flashing before their eyes', or any other kind of hallucinatory phenomena that seem real but which are likely chemical reactions within the brain as it shuts off. It's during this period that people experience near-death experiences (NDEs). We have traveled some way towards death, but then, for whatever reason, our body is revived and we return to life.


Once the brain has closed down, we are dead in the context of the mortal world. But scientists in England have determined that, even once brain function has ceased, human consciousness continues for a while as we transition to whatever may come next. It's this transition phase that Cash appears to be able to access. He is not speaking to the dead or even in contact with them, he merely observes in a symbolic way the process of their crossing over. 


In the final stage, spirit 'goes towards the light' and individual human consciousness merges with universal consciousness and becomes one with All That Is. 


How do I get transition pictures done?

A question commonly asked in the YouTube comments section is: how do I get transition pictures done for a deceased loved one? 

Currently, this site is closed for readings of all kinds. Please do not send emails, money, or requests for pictures. 

Understandably, Cash has been distinctly reluctant to offer this as a service, especially since the whole thing is part of a broader experiment. As long as there's a possibility that he's just 'making these things up' or the pictures are simply springing from his imagination, he hesitates before extending an invitation to his audience to participate. 


However, in early 2021, as part of the same experiment, he channeled transition pictures for the loved ones of a handful of volunteers. The feedback was highly positive and encouraging. So much so that he now feels able to extend the reach of these trials even further, though on certain strict terms, which are listed below.


Although Cash adheres to the belief that, 'If you have a gift it should be given away', sadly these pictures take effort and a certain amount of labor. He therefore charges for the time he spends doing them. Currently the cost is $225. For this, Cash channels pictures, draws what he sees, and then records a personal video explaining what he believes the pictures signify. This video is uploaded to YouTube with a private setting that only the client is able to access.   


By applying to have transition pictures done, I agree to the following: 

1. I understand that this is not a general service, I am participating in an experiment that is trying to provide greater understanding of the process of death and dying.

2. The person whose transition pictures I am seeking is related to me and is deceased. I provide a photograph of him/her, as well as information about his/her name, cause and date of death.. 


3)  I accept that Cash is not a trained therapist, counselor, doctor of any kind, fortune teller, or analyst. His is a natural intuitive sense only. Since the information is channeled, he simply explains what he feels and sees and all readings are done solely in a spirit of inquiry to satisfy curiosity. They cannot, in themselves, resolve problems. Nor can they ever be a substitute for advice from a trained counselor or healthcare professional. I will not hold Cash responsible for my reactions, emotional responses, or any consequences that follow on from having a transition reading done. 


4) I understand that occasionally pictures do not come. There is no explanation for this. If that is the case, In such circumstances, any money paid will be refunded in full. 




This payment button is deactivated. No request for readings or payments are being accepted at this time.