How to take part

in the timeline experiment

Turn sound on.

By now you may have seen Cash's entertaining YouTube channel on which he experiments with the timelines of high-profile politicians and others. The channeled pictures he draws proved to be so much fun and at times strangely accurate that viewers began asking if they could have their pictures done too.

Well, now you can be a part of the experiment if you want to.

Subjects fall into three broad areas: 1) life generally;

2) work/career; and 3) relationships

The charge is $175 per set of pictures. Maximum one set per person please. 

What Cash cannot do is answer specific questions, such as, 'Am I related to Princess Diana?' or 'How many puppies will my dog have?' or 'When will I sell my house?' or 'Should I invest in long-term bonds or derivatives?' At best, that would be fortune-telling and this is not fortune telling or a psychic reading.


Cash does not 'predict' the future. His pictures offer a momentary snapshot based on current energy. Things do change. We each have free will. Our choices affect our future. What Cash's pictures seem to be able to offer is a landscape of possible outcomes and results, but nothing is set in stone. 


​Note, he does not deal with health-related issues. If you have a health problem, please consult a medical professional. And he will not be drawn into telling you when you'll die.




It's for entertainment purposes only. But if you decide to take part in this crazy experiment anyway, then at the very least please read the terms laid out below and, if you agree to them:


1) Click on the appropriate PayPal button at the bottom of this page and pay the fee. Submissions are dealt with in the order they're received. Payment secures your place in line.


2) Submit your request in an email, along with a recent selfie (so that Cash can get a fix on you) - to

This is not a general correspondence address.

The result will be sent to you via email and may take two to three weeks to arrive. Please be patient and know that Cash is working through the requests as quickly as he can. 

The cost of a combined intuitive handwriting analysis and single set of channeled pictures is $400.00. Also see instructions on the 'Get Your Handwriting Analyzed' page for what to send by way of a writing sample.

Thanks for stopping by.


Due to the current health crisis, Cash is putting this service on hold. He will continue accepting handwritings for analysis (see handwriting page) but timeline readings are, for the moment, suspended.


Sorry for the inconvenience.  


By requesting a set of channeled pictures, you are agreeing to the following terms:

1) The photo you send is of you.

2) You certify that you are 21 years of age or older.


2) You accept that Cash is not a trained therapist, counselor, doctor of any kind, graphologist, fortune teller, or analyst. His is a natural intuitive sense only. Since the information is channeled, he writes it down unconsciously according to what he feels and sees. Readings are done for fun and in a spirit of inquiry to satisfy curiosity. They cannot, in themselves, solve your problems. That's down to you. Nor can they ever be a substitute for advice from a trained counselor or healthcare professional. In the end, nobody can manage your life and make decisions about it but you. 


3) You accept that the future is not set in stone. You alone are the decision-maker in your world. Action taken today will change the future. Cash is not responsible for your actions, reactions, or any consequences that follow on from having a reading. 


4) You accept that Cash reserves the right not to do a set of pictures. The decision is within his sole discretion and may be delivered without offering a reason. In such circumstances, any money paid will be refunded in full.  

To continue and pay, please AGREE to the above terms:

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