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Transition Requests

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Cash is considering trying an experiment: offering viewers the chance to have transition pictures done for loved ones who have passed. 

According to research, after the physical self has died, human consciousness continues for approximately three minutes.


During that time of transition from form to formless, a person may, in certain instances, be revived, in which case they are said to have had an NDE - a near death experience. However, once human consciousness has dwindled to nothing and the soul has ascended, that is the point of no return, there is no coming back. 


Cash has received many inquiries from viewers of his YouTube channels over the past couple of years, asking whether he would consider doing the transition pictures of regular people, as opposed to those who are famous. 


So far he has been reluctant to do so, because: 


1) He can't guarantee that the pictures are correct. None of us truly knows what happens after death until we ourselves get there. Cash is not a psychic medium, he's what's called a visionary empath who simply follows energy, and sees pictures related to that energy. Although he believes that the pictures he receives are accurate, he can't prove it, and is unable to vouch for them 100%. That's a major stumbling block. 

2) There would have to be a fee paid for the work done and the time he puts into the process. Understandably, this could easily be viewed by cynics as 'exploiting the bereaved', something Cash would never do. What he does is a gift, not a grift. Still, the danger of misinterpretation of his motives is there.   

3) Transition pictures aren't guaranteed. Sometimes the subject will say no, and pictures don't come. That can be disappointing. We must respect those who are not ready to have this process shown. 




All obstacles aside, and given that the transitions of public figures that he's done so far on the Enlightened Beings Club channel have been so comforting to so many thousands of people, Cash is now considering offering this service to ten viewers who have watched his transition videos and are interested in exploring the crossovers of their own loved ones. Think of it as participating in an experiment, seeking greater understanding of the potential and limitations of the process itself.  

If you agree to these terms and conditions

please click on the 'AGREE' button below, which will take you to the payment page. The fee for this service is $350.00, which also covers the recording, editing, and posting of the video. Once that's done, please send the photo and information of your loved one by email to the following address:

If you are interested in participating, here's how it will work.

You submit a photograph - a headshot, preferably - of the subject, taken as close to the date of their passing as possible, along with information about when they died and of what. Nothing more is required. Too many details will impact the channeling.


Please, no pets or children. This is restricted to human subjects over 18 years of age.   

Once Cash has done pictures for the person, he will record a video featuring rough sketches depicting what he sees when he looks at the photo, and explain how he felt while he was going through the process. This video will be uploaded privately to YouTube and made available for your eyes only, or anyone you nominate to watch it. 


It will be necessary for you to agree to the following terms:

1. You understand that Cash is simply describing the pictures that come into his head when he looks at the person's photo, and how he feels about what he sees. That's the totality of the information he can give. He does not hold himself out to be a psychic or a medium. 

2. You undertake that the headshot you send is of a person: a) who's related to you, and b) who has passed. Transitions appear to be affected by everything that happens right up to the moment of death, which would render future transitions redundant. While a future transition may be possible, it could be inaccurate. Things may change. How we live impacts how we die.

3. Cash does not do pictures for missing persons, or answer, "Are they alive or dead?" questions. If that's your issue, you are advised to contact a psychic medium, someone more qualified to deal with it. If he gave information in that area the pictures could easily be wrong, so please don't ask.  

4) Sometimes Cash gets no pictures at all. It's probably a sign that the subject isn't ready. We must respect that. In which case, your money will be refunded in full. 

5) Although transition pictures are personal and can sometimes be moving, this process must be regarded as entertainment only, done in the name of curiosity and even fun (as bizarre as that may seem). Cash cannot be responsible for how the information is received or interpreted. Again, he's simply telling you the pictures that come into his head.

6) Cash does not hold himself out as a counselor, psychologist, guru, healer, advisor, or anything else, frankly; he's just a former comedy writer and journalist with a YouTube channel who sees pictures in his head when he looks at photos.


7) The process may take a little while. You understand that patience may be required, allowing Cash enough time to download the pictures and upload the video.  

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