Healing Your Life

Cash appeared on Kelly Carlin's podcast.

Hear her reactions to having her

writing analyzed at  the 

​​1 hour 28  minute mark.

How well do you know yourself? Most of us would probably answer, "Pretty well." But if that's true, how come we still have problems getting our lives on track?


  • We say we want prosperity, yet we struggle to pay the bills.

  • We yearn to be well physically,, but for some reason are dogged by persistent health problems, or we can't lose weight.


  • We say we're looking for a long-term relationship, but still haven't found someone we connect with.


  • We make all the right moves in our career, yet somehow that promotion or the right opportunity never quite materializes.


Why is that?


One reason might be because, although there are thousands of self-help and self-improvement books and seminars out there, they can only take us so far. Try as we might to become someone new, ultimately we're still the same person underneath that we always were, with the same issues, same parents, same circumstances, same self-esteem issues, and so on.


Maybe the way forward, therefore, is not to be found in so-called self-improvement techniques, since they merely help us change at a superficial level. Maybe the solution is to look deeper and examine what might be holding us back on the inside, so that we can remove any blockages and stop them getting in our way in future.   




This can be done using a combination of intuitive handwriting analysis and also by letting Cash see a photograph and, using that, channel images of possible pathways to the future. . 

As incredible as it may seem, the way you write words on a page is like a mirror, reflecting the REAL you inside. The YOU that's hidden from view. Each time you put pen to paper, you are unconsciously telling people how you really feel. At the same time an analysis can reveal to you anything that might be getting in the way of abundance and happiness. Additionally, from a photograph, Cash is able to see timelines for a person's life, based on how things are right now. Obviously, situations can change depending on choices we make. 

"Sometimes it feels like the person's guides contacted my guides," Cash says, "Tell him to tell him/her such-and-such...."

Using just the writing, he is able to pick up the individual's unique energy-print and explain what it seems to be saying. Using a client's photo too, he can see a lot more. It's fun, it's fascinating, and can be a useful tool in anyone's mission of self-discovery.