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I'm not sure about this. The last time I included a contact page on my site, I was inundated with personal messages from people who wanted to comment on my videos, or marry me, or send me cat pictures, or who were requesting that I do their handwriting, etc. It was lovely on one level that they wished to reach out, but I simply don't have the time to respond to general enquiries or engage in correspondence. And I am no longer doing readings.


To prevent a repeat of this, mail will not go directly to me, it will be vetted by an intermediary first, a hired hand with specific instructions to weed out personal interactions. That includes angry or abusive messages - I won't see them and they will not receive a reply.


The place for exchanging thoughts and ideas is the comments section on YouTube, which I curate like a hawk.


On the other hand, if this is a business matter and you wish to contact me for some professional reason - for interviews, talks, etc. - then you have come to the right place, kiddo. 

Thanks for getting in touch.

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